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I am a polyglot, a linguist, a translator, a cultural investigator and an author. 

I speak several languages among which I master English, Modern Standard Arabic, French and my mother tongue, Levantine. I know also Spanish (B1) , German (A1) , Czech (A1), Russian and Mandarin to certain extents. I have also linguistic skills and knowledge in regard to some ancient languages like Sumerian, Ugaritic and Phoenician.

Given my profound knowledge of languages, all my services are language related. For example, I  translate/interpret from or into English,  Modern Standard Arabic or French.  In addition to translations, I provide cultural studies or investigations or linguistically-based studies upon request. Furthermore, I make use of my  specialization in socio-pragmatics and discourse analysis  to write goal-orientated speeches and letters. 

 Finally, I sell digital copies of my books online. 


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