Rami Ibrahim's photo

I am a polyglot, a linguist, a translator, a cultural investigator and an author. 

I speak several languages among which I master English, Modern Standard Arabic, French and my mother tongue, which is based on Semitic languages including Phoenician and Aramaic. Unfortunately my first language is not a recognized language and hence my interest in Phoenician. I know also Spanish (B1) , German (A1) , Czech (A1), Russian and Mandarin to certain extents. 

Given my profound knowledge of languages, all my services are language related. For example, I  translate/interpret from or into English,  Modern Standard Arabic or French.  In addition to translations, I provide cultural studies or investigations or linguistically-based studies upon request. Furthermore, I make use of my  specialization in socio-pragmatics and discourse analysis  to write goal-orientated speeches and letters. 


I prefer giving introductory courses in Semitic languages to speakers of English and French rather than teaching English or French.  Finally, I sell digital copies of my books online.