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How to Say "Alas" in Some of The Languages Associated Commonly with 'Arabic'

Here you find a list of words and expressions used as equivalents to the English word "alas", an interjection used to express sorrow, regret, compassion or grief in what is commonly and mistakenly called 'Syrian Arabic'. Two other lists of words and expressions are attributed to each of Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic. However, the words and expressions in the later two lists are rather equivalents to the English expression "what a pity!" . I confine my work now to listing these words and expressions in order to trace their etymologies and to search later for any shared origin if ever.

A In so-called 'Syrian Arabic':

1- Ya shihmaytei ( يا شحميطي ) in some Syrian costal regions. 2- Ya shihari (يا شحاري ) in both western and central Syria 3- Wayli or ya wayli (ولي) in central regions and Damascus 4_ Ya shhati (يا شحاطي) in Suwayda 5- Ya Mulay Al Akel (يا مولاي العقل) in Suwayda 6- Ya Bari (يا باري) in Suwayda 7- Yaakh (ياخ) different Syrian regions 8- Waakh (واخ) in Aleppo 9- Youli (يولي) in Aleppo 10- Shino hal balwa (شنو هالبلوة) in Quneitra 11- Ya lahwi (يا لهوي) this is basically an Egyptian expression, but it might be used in Syria for exaggeration or or making fun of someone's exaggerated expression of grief. 12- Other expressions

B In Modern Standard Arabic there are the following expressions:

1- Ya lelmusiba: يا للمصيبة 2-Ya lelhawl: يا للهول 3- Ya lelkaritha: يا للكارثة

C In Classical Arabic there are expressions like:

1- Ya lelkhatb: يا للخطب 2- Ya lel amr al jalal: يا للأمر الجلل 3- ayyo amren jalal: أيّ أمرٍ جلل 4- Taban: تباً

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