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Crazy Dance: novel

This novel is an artistic endeavor to bring the human cultural heritage together, starting with the Sumerian mythology and ending up with our current civilization. Moreover, it is a considerable attempt to reconcile different religions and cultures by emphasizing what is human and universal. On the one hand it is a bridge that brings eastern and western cultures together, on the other hand it is a revolutionary work in the sense that it rewrites the human heritage from a rather feminist perspective. I would leave it for critics to trace feminism in it, but what is more important for me is the balance sought by shedding light on aspects of our humanity and our history which are still subdued. This novel traces the concept of the female deity in the human cultural heritage, and interweaves it with practices and beliefs in modern times. The religious theme goes beyond the content of the novel to its form as I used reincarnation as a technique by which I managed to give the talk to different women who lived in different places and eras while keeping with the same concept. Sex is one of the main themes, sometimes it is presented in a rather artistic and mythical way, some other times I preserved its normality as a human practice. This novel is highly intriguing and controversial and it intends to provoke readers and scholars confronting them with both consistency and diversity in our human heritage. It invites them to rethink about our human heritage, to try to answer the current questions in the light of the old ones and in the light of this cultural consistency itself. This novel is a response to cultural differences, which have been since the onset of our human civilization a recurrent source of wars, crimes and disasters.


Crazy Dance: novel


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