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Short Films by Rami Ibrahim

Mariam and Textiles


Film Poster

“Mariam and Textiles” is an experimental documentary film concerned with the cultural, social and religious significance associated with textiles in the Levant.This short documentary narrates two well interwoven stories.

One story is about a Syrian woman who makes dolls and dresses them up with folkloric clothes, folklor-based modern clothes and sometimes artistically imagined costumes. The second is that of textiles in the Levant. This second story takes its beginning roughly 10000 years ago and is therefore concerned with the archeology of textiles in the Fertile Crescent. Lo and behold, this very old beginning is not reached in the film until its last scenes.

Two approaches in regard to narrative are discernable in the film. The first which is sub-entitled “the song of Mariam” is subjective and rich in emotions though very concise. Moreover, it functions as an introduction to the second objective, detailed and fact-based narrative. Moreover, Information provided in the film is based on the artistic and critical appreciation of the author on the one hand and on strict academic research on the other hand.

This documentary film is partially made with the help of artificial intelligence via the commercial services of Hour One ai, an AI powered platform providing services related to text-to- video technology.

This 17-minutes-documentary film is actually challenging the limits by completing its story, illustrating its materials and conveying its message without any enactment, archival footage or even interviews. Its visual style is heavily based on art-based pictures and a bit of animation.

The film is very enriching and it provides a deeper insight into textiles and their social, cultural and religious significance. Besides, it broadens our understanding of a part of the world and certain milestones in the multicultural development of the human race.

This film is meant to render homage to women who have been doing textile-related jobs at least for 10000 years.

Film Trailer

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